100% bamboo fiber scarf Espresso di Milano

Show your uniqueness by wearing a Made in Italy 100% bamboo fiber scarves.

 With the end of the year approaching, the following seasons we will find at our doorsteps, when we leave home, to go and start living the day ahead, will be, autumn and winter. Thinking about it, I researched if Bamboo fiber is also a recommended yarn for the winter. Does it keep warm in winter just as it keeps us cool in the summer? The answer to that question is YES. The reason is that the bamboo yarn is highly breathable, allowing the moisture to evaporate quickly, avoiding sweat and creating a gentle skin environment that keeps the body temperature in control, always cool in the summer and always warm in the winter. It is also skin friendly because it is pesticide free, which makes it less itchy compared to other fibers, and it is odour free. For all the reasons above, I want us to have an opportunity to wear sustainable and nature-friendly products combined with qualitative fashion. That is why I decided to add a Made in Italy premium collection of 100% bamboo fiber scarves. The 100% bamboo fiber is Made in Italy in the city of Prato, in Tuscany, an Italian region well known for centuries for the high quality of sartorial work. All the colours of the scarves have an Italian name, so we can experience the Italian lifestyle while wearing the chosen scarf with our senses while imagining a city, food, or a natural phenomenon. I will wait for you at My Bamboo Story; reach out if you need any advice about the item you are buying. The My Bamboo Story crew. 


Cotton vs Bamboo: 9 Differences Between Cotton and Bamboo (sewingiscool.com)

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