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The sustainable #Bamboo is #Vegan friendly

 Did you know that six different animal species, 6 Adorable Animals That Love Bamboo – The Happy Bamboo have bamboo shoots and baby leaves on their daily menu! And Bamboo shoots and stems are suitable for human beings? You can make excellent curries with sprouts and read Bamboo Shoots: Nutrients, Benefits, and More (  

Well, at this point, you will not be so surprised to know that Bamboo products are ideal for Vegans. Much can be produced with Bamboo these days, thanks to new technologies that enable us to turn a tree into a fiber, a leather, a food, deodorant, charcoal, furniture, or to use it in construction instead of using timber or other less sustainable woods.

Bamboo is not only a sleek and elegant material which pleases our senses when we surround ourselves, but it is a material that thicks many buttons for many of us that are embracing a sustainable lifestyle without wanting to give up the comfortable use of our modern gadgets and the use of technology in our everyday life. Also, vegan people are discovering the benefits of having Bamboo as a valid alternative because it is such a ductile material and can be an excellent companion to their vegan journey.  Tells us about your story. 

Want to find out more about Bamboo and the vegan journey? Pros and cons.

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