Bamboo #menstrual pads

Bamboo #menstrual pads

Funny enough, the USA is running out of women's menstrual pads due to the world economic crises, delays in the supply chain, the long tail of Covid and many more reasons, which I think is an important topic to keep an eye on and to debate about. However, I also wanted to highlight that it is from crises like this that we can also find a different solution that maybe we would not have thought of; so why not take the opportunity to try the Bamboo #menstrual pads. They work just as well, and on the upside, they are reusable by washing them; they are great for the planet because bamboo is highly sustainable, and they are kind to the skin because the bamboo fiber is hypoallergenic. If you have never thought of Bamboo #menstrual pads, think again, you may have found a solution to what is becoming a monthly problem. 


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