Home enclosure #headstand #mugwarmer #airhumidifier

Feel a combination of outdoor energy and productivity boost #mugwarmer #airhumidifier #headphonestand

Like many, I was forced to create a space to work at home due to the pandemic strike. At first, it was a fundamental confusion; I could not concentrate, too many things were happening in my tiny London flat to stay focused on my daily working tasks. Slowly, with the days passing by, I realised I needed an enclosure. In my case, enclosure meant a space with the correct atmosphere that could help me isolate my mind as if I was in the office. While designing my new home working space, I started to add natural elements to the high tech space. Here comes the combination of Bamboo wood features such as #mugwarmer #airhumidifier #headphonestand, just sitting by my pc or mobile. Now, I can say that I did well. I have a working space wrapped with nature and tech. When I start working in the morning, I feel a combination of outdoor energy and productivity boost. Create your striving space. Denise
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