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How to take care of Bamboo fiber scarves.

I am uploading pictures and descriptions of the 100% bamboo fiber scarves, which are now available to buy at www.mybamboostory.com, and I thought of sharing some information about how to maintain the bamboo fiber at its best for longer. I am sure you know that bamboo fiber is sustainable and antiallergenic yarn, but maybe you do not know about the dyeing process of these scarves and how to take care of the fabric.

The scarves we sell are dyed using a methodology called cold wash, which means that the scarves are immersed in cold water with the colour, and after a couple of hours of soaking, they get washed with cold water. This process allows the paint to last longer on the fiber and makes the colour look uneven and never the same, creating a uniqueness that adds preciousness to the scarf. No two scarves will look alike. Also, the feel of the yarn is much softer compared to the hot wash. Keeping it in such an excellent state for longer would not be difficult, but it is essential to follow these small instructions: 1. Gently hand wash your scarf 2. Use delicate soap 3. Wash in cold/warm water, max.30°. A 100% bamboo fiber scarf is a unique garment that perfectly matches a modern or classical style, and a woman or man can wear it because it is considered a unisex style. Enjoy having your scarf with you at all times. It is easy and light to carry around. Buy it now.

If you are curious and want to learn more about this unique natural material, please read the following BLOG 

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