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My Bamboo Story

by Bella - Espresso di Milano

by Bella - Espresso di Milano

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Espresso coffee is an Italian ritual that goes back to the beginning of the century when the brewing machine was invented in Milan. When I held this espresso-coloured scarf, I immediately thought of many's delightful morning routines to kickstart the day ahead. This lovely, elegant, simple, soft, lightweight and infinite words could describe this fabulous 100 % bamboo fiber scarf, reminds me of the scent that springs out of my little cup of espresso. The fiber is beautifully knitted so that you can experience the high quality of bamboo fiber. The yarn combined with incredible shades of colours produces this unique Espresso scarf making it a must-have in your every-season suitcase or city wardrobe. Denise

Hand wash gently to retain the fibre's softness and the colours' brightness.

Want to know more about the history of Italian Espresso? Espresso - Wikipedia

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