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My Bamboo Story

by Bella's - Polvere d'Etna

by Bella's - Polvere d'Etna

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Several years have passed since I took a walk at the top of the Etna active volcano, and I still remember the heat and puffing underneath my feet. The volcano's liveliness is very well known; it often erupts and produces black dust, which I call Polvere d'Etna, and the colour of this scarf resembles it perfectly. Its uneven black blends into very dark charcoal. It is lovely, elegant, simple, soft, lightweight and infinite words could describe this fabulous 100 % bamboo fiber scarf; The fiber is beautifully knitted so that you can experience the high quality of bamboo fiber. The string combined with incredible shades of colours produces this unique Polvere d'Etna scarf making it a must-have in your every-season suitcase or city wardrobe. Carry it everywhere; it will come in handy for any occasion. Denise

Hand wash gently to retain the fibre's softness and the colours' brightness. › blog › what-is-bamboo-fiber

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